Hi DIllikhors! Getting in the mood for Janamashtmi tomorrow? Known by multiple names, and celebrated in variations all across the country, this festival marks the birthday of Lord Krishna. No point in me telling that he is said to have romanced Radha, killed Kansa, manipulated an entire war and preached Arjuna with what is known today as The Bhagvad Gita.


But, while you celebrate the additional public holiday, parents all over India are going crazy about where to get those little Krishna ad Radha dresses for their kids for those fancy dress competitions or the Janamashtmi celebrations. Kids love to dress up in exotic attires.


So, I’m offering you a piece of advice, so that you won’t have to buy an expensive dress that your child is going to wear just once. You can use other stuff and come up with really creative versions of Krishna-Radha.

Janamashtmi 2 krishna

For Krishna:

1. Use a long yellow dupatta to tie a dhoti or to cut the hassle of tying a dhoti, just get a yellow salwaar stitched in the size of your kid. This salwaar can be paired up with a kurta, depends on your child.

Janamashtmi 5 stole

2. Buy some long fake pearl necklaces, use them to accessorize the look. These come cheap and you don’t have to worry about necklaces for the next time unless your child breaks them.

Janamashtmi 6 artificial pearls

3. Use a red or yellow stole to tie around the neck and accessorize it with some pearls and a peacock feather. Tie this as well as you can since kids tend to get stuff like this loose. Use lots of safety pins.

Janamashtmi 7 peacock feather 4.  Avoid blue paint. It can cause irritation and rashes. Its best to use some blue eye shadow, but you must test it on a small portion on elbow to see that your child is not allergic to it.

Janamashtmi 8 blue color

5. Get a normal wooden flute and color it with gold paint or gold nail paint if you are really lazy to get a jar from the paint shop. You can also accessorize it with peacock feathers.

Janamashtmi 10 Flute

For Radha:

1. Best would be to buy a lehnga-choli, your child can also wear it on other occasions.

Janamashtmi 13 radha clothes

2. Go light on jewelry, remember this is your child, all that fake stones and paint can irritate their skin. Again, pearls are a good option. Bangles would be nice. No heavy earrings please!

Janamashtmi 11 Bangle

3. Go light on makeup. Don’t make me say it again, this is your child, they have very sensitive skin.


A lot of people buy silver Krishna idols and use that in their puja. If you do this too, please make sure you buy hallmark jewelry, or you could be ripped off with a fake idol. You can get pretty and little clothes for the Bal Gopal idol easily at your nearby markets.

Janamashtmi 12 krishna idol

If your kids are planning to organize a Dahi-handi in your locality, be very careful. It’s a dangerous sport. Trust me, it is. Usually, it’s is played by people have experience in these things and actually practice for it. With no idea of the technique on how to form a human tower and no experience and, as in most cases, no strength to bear the weight of 50 odd guys, your child can get injured. Be a good parent, don’t discourage them but supervise the whole thing and make sure that the lightest children go on top and that the tower gets no higher than 3 children.

Janamashtmi 13 Dahi Handi

Please note that at none of the above points, I’ve specified if a girl or a boy should do something. If your child likes to cross-dress, let them. There’s nothing shameful or retarded or, least of all, homosexual about it. Boys can dress up like Radha, girls can participate in Dahi-handi. Free your kids, free yourself. Don’t judge, don’t discriminate. Be the ideal parent.


Have a Happy Janamashtmi with GoShoppin!

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