Hey Dillikhors! Are you one of those poor little ignorants, who think that anything bought off on road in a flea market would be tacky and defective and not at all worth of your money. Think again! Some of the best deals can be made in a flea market if you know how to shop and the hole that you’ve been burning in your pocket could be extinguished.


Stuff as clothes, shoes, books, accessories are easily available in the various markets of Dilli, you just need a very sharp eye, an exact idea of how much you’d be spending, a very loyal friend and plenty of time. Shopping on the streets is not for the faint-hearted!

So, here we go:

Bargain: Don’t be afraid to bargain. That is the whole point of shopping in a market. You come, pick a piece, haggle with the shopkeeper, call each other names and finally part friends with a 60% discount. Of course, you don’t always have to fight. Pick a price (close to half of the originally quoted) and stick to it. Or increase it with minimal increments. Be firm in your dealing. Remember, you can get this thing anywhere in the market so don’t succumb to the ‘last price’ of shopkeeper.

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Explore: Before you shop, take a look around. Get to know if there are any other vendors selling the same thing for a lesser price? Is there a difference in the quality? Is there a difference in price? I already said, you need plenty of time.

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Prices: It’s not always necessary that whatever you find in a flea market is cheaper than the same product in a store. Do checkout a store where you may get a better quality plus discounts.

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Strength: Never bow down to the prices of shopkeeper. Act surprised, shocked, petrified at the prices. Look for defects in the item. Point them out, and ask for more discount. Be ready to leave the item in case of no discounts, but don’t bow down.


Hauls: It helps if you are buying multiple items from a single place. With large orders, shopkeepers tend to offer better discounts. So, it’ll help if you are shopping with friends or cousins, provided you all get to agree on stuff from same place.

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Retrospect: Keep cash handy. Know your budget. Think before you buy. There’s no point on spending a thousand bucks on a pair of heels just because they’re cheap if you don’t wear shoes with high heels.

how to bargain - goshoppin


Worth: Always think, ‘is this thing worth it?’. Feel the fabric, is it sturdy enough? Avoid high heels, winter wear, lingerie, perfumes in a flea market. With no guarantee in quality, you don’t want something that won’t provide comfort in the long run.


So, that’s it guys. Shop like crazy and tell us what else do you think works as a bargaining strategy. GoShoppin!


Have a cool Bargain with GoShoppin!!


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