Hey Dillikhors,

Remember the ancient black and white TV in your house back in 90s. The Doordarshan promo song playing to infinity, then the Sunday Chitrahaar, a movie with lots of advertisements. Then, came the color TVs ,bulky and fat, along with the cable revolutionised the Indian Entertainment industry. Zee TV and Star Plus became the new faces, with another of those advertisements. So, when you bought the LCD, and got the dish and threw the cable guide out, a lot of things changed. More channels, movies, education, fatser service, but what is till the same are the advertisements.

You ended up actually momorising the tag lines and the jingles even when you didn’t want to. A lot of us still refer to┬áthe brands instead of the act, remember- colgate kar liya… This awesome video by AIB pay a tribute to all those awesome Indian ads. What’s more, no musical instruments or recordings have been used. All the sounds were created by the mouth through various techniques. Go Watch!


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