I want to share my experience while doing the work of Graphic Design at GoShoppin. So, let’s start with the very first step of finding the firm for doing internship. I applied for internship in GoShoppin through one of the Internship posting sites and accordingly I got a call from the respective company for an interview.

The interview was contented and I felt good at the way I was asked questions and discussed the related matters as well. After that I was selected for the internship and had my first work assigned to me. There was freedom along with discipline as the freedom lies in thoughts and its execution while the discipline comes for the final work selected to implement. There are keen observers in this company to find out the nuance of design, to give feedback for work and to give you requisite learning that tends to hone up your skills. There was not any work load that would make you feel pressurized. If any how one fails to submit the assignment by the given time period due to some considerable reasons or, situations then it will be your call to submit that particular assignment by the time you want to submit. In this regard, I would like to share an incident that will justify the above mentioned content.

Few days back, when I was working in Goshoppin, I was very busy due to some considerable reasons and didn’t met with the required time given for a particular assignment so, I thought to leave this job on being unable to meet the deadlines or, rather completing the assignments. I just wrote a message informing that I am leaving this job due to such reason and I got a call from the founder asking for the problem and after that very conversation I continued my job. It happened because founder told me that “there would not be any deadline or, work pressure from our side if you have such issues and you can continue your work in a way you want to. Take your own time and after that call me to hear your final decision.” After that, till my last piece of work, I never felt being overloaded with timelines and all and worked with an unwind state of mind.

In a nutshell, if you are dedicated and have passion to contribute to this contemporary design scenario in a healthy environment where you are provided with a platform to enhance your skills and learning then GoShoppin is the best place for you.


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