Hi Dillikhors! Happy New Year! We all have had some ups and downs in 2015, let’s hope that 2016 exceeds our expectations. And, while we talk of the new year, we can’t forget all the festivities, hungama, party and stuff associated with New Year. And, while we can’t forget all the crazy things that come with new year, we can’t forget all the crazy things that people do on New Year. So, here’s a list of the crazy lousy things that people do on New Year. If you think we left something out, add in the comments. So, here we go!

Drinking(like there’s no tomorrow, or tomorrow in same year): These guys do not understand what the word, ‘Tolerance’ means. So, they thrash everyone on social media and in the nightclubs, coz they don’t know how much alcohol their brains can tolerate before making an idiot of themselves. So, by their 7th drinks, we see them fighting, dancing, screaming, scratching their balls, crying their eyes out, peeing in the wrong loo and getting lost, exactly in that order.

5 Lousy Things That People Do On New Year - 1

Resolutions: We all have been here. Whether it’s to lose weight, spend less, save more, be kinder, get more friends, quit alcohol, learn how not to behave like an asshole, we all make resolutions to do this, and fail miserably at it. And, yet we wait for the new year as a lousy reason to postpone doing something that could have started literally anytime.

5 Lousy Things That People Do On New Year - 2

Superstitions: SInce, we indians love to associate superstitions with everything; new vehicles, new house, sneezing, eating, periods, shampooing, festivals, everything, how can we leave New Year. So, in the same twist, I get tortured every 1st of January to get up early, bath, shampoo, study, pooja, touch everyone’s feet. Funnily, my mom cooks Chicken Tikka this day and we don’t get to smell that for the next six months. So, she’s trying to fool me! That too on New Year. Is nothing sacred anymore?

5 Lousy Things That People Do On New Year - 3

Life Confirmation: Every new year, there is a horde of aunties who call me and drone on and on. This is less of a festivity, how-are-you, badhaiyaa, call than a call to let us know lonely lady is still alive and spying if I’m ready for the Chandigarh-walla-munda. For every of these aunties, there are a million of people who forward cheap sher-shayari, some sort of sing-song messages to everyone instead of just keeping it a close circle. And, I, out of the stupid social convention these idiots have set up, have to forward these messages to a million other idiots who’ll bombard me with needless thankyou replies!

5 Lousy Things That People Do On New Year - 4

Lazing around the house: These are the worst of all. These are the people who’d order pizza, wear different socks, and watch Bollywood stars dancing on TV. Guys, that’s a recorded footage. Even they are somewhere hip, celebrating the start of another year. Why are you slothing around? C’mon. Get Up. Do something, Get Out. Go somewhere. Party! Move you asses! Do while you can.     5 Lousy Things That People Do On New Year - 5 YOLO!

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Happy New Year!

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