Hello! GoShoppin is hiring!

Hello! GoShoppin is hiring! We need more people on GoShoppin and welcome anyone who is interested in being a part of this venture. Most of the new openings are concerned with expansions of the site and if you want to be part of something hip, then this is the place.


Why GoShoppin?

•   We are a growing company and therefore, open to ideas. We don’t expect you to follow orders, we’ll love to hear your thoughts on everything.

•   We don’t need your physical presence if you can give results from your couch. You can just work from home.

•   You get to learn the workings of an organization at the root levels. Your generic jobs don’t really get you this kind of experience. It’s training at The Karate Kid level. Everything is a lesson.

•   It’s ideal for graduates or students looking for some work experience before a 9-5 job or if you are looking for a career-break or if you want to make a quick buck without having to get up and bath every day.

•   We’ll give you an experience certificate just like the big companies for you to show around.

Skill we need:

•  Even though we have different posts for every requirement, we do encourage multitasking. If you are a graphic designer but are sharp in your writing, you can also blog for us.

•   Good proficiency in written English, informative about current issues.

•   Out-Of-Box thinking. We don’t need your hard work, we need your smart work. You’ll have to be absolutely crazily creative or creatively crazy.

•   Good communication skills, negotiation skills, great conviction power.

•   Ability to develop new ideas. We don’t want you to follow us around asking what to do. Think what you would like to do, and if it helps the product reaching skies, do that.

•   Highly enthusiastic, passionate about work, we are not looking for people to sit and make power point presentations, we need people who can be proactive.

If you want to be the change and not just wait for the change, you are almost halfway here.



You’ll be required to write information or entertainment posts for site blog to be put on social media. Have a look to get the idea

Graphic Designers

You’ll be required to design quotes or infographics or gifs for social media.

Content creator

You’ll be required to create content to be put on social media, either in pictures, text or videos. Maximum creativity alert.

Information Collector

You’ll be required to go and visit new stores and collect information to be put on site.

Social Media Manager

You’ll be required to manage everything on a particular social media platform. This post is looking particularly for those people who are willing to be online all of the time. You’ll be required to pursue relentlessly after social happenings and use that to increase fan following.

I’d like to clarify that this lists of posts is just for information purposes. You job description may include work on promotion events, acting in videos, giving honest views on things generally and ordering pizzas for the team.


Salary structures vary for different jobs. You’ll be in an internship period for 6 weeks, by the end of which you will receive a Certificate of Experience. If we end up loving you, we’ll retain you to work as a paid employee.

Schedule and Location

There is no particular job schedule if you can meet targets. This is not your Bade-papaji-ki-company where you’ll get a cabin on top floor. Be comfortable, work from home or outside if that is the requirement of the job. We prefer Delhi based people, but no issues if you are located in any other state, you’ll just miss the fun here.